Another longgg day at work :/ got off from work and worked out. I just finished up, I’m drenched in sweat! Arms, shoulders and abs today. I love lifting so much, because after a long hard workday, all I need to do is put on my music, grab the bar, and lift.


Camille "They announced the sled workout from the Games and around here there is nowhere you can push a sled that is (on) flat ground without rocks or anything. So we decided to go do it on a trail and I got my ass kicked." —@CamilleLbaz ‪#CrossFitGames‬

Julie Foucher

All day

Got home from working a ten hr day, and then went crazy on my workout! Cardio and legs today. So many squats and fire hydrants,…so so many….my legs are dead! I’m going to be going to work in a wheelchair tomorrow lol.
Such a great, sweaty workout!
Tomorrow’s definitely going to be an upper body day though haha! :) sooo grateful this monday’s over ugh. Time for dinner and to watch American Ninja Warrior ♥

Lifting felt great today too! My left bicep is feeling much better! Must’ve just needed a break! But here she is in all her glory, poppin’ out! Hey there!!! Time to grow lil’ lady:)

Crazy good workout. Especially after a rest day and eating some delicious pizza last night!! Soo sweaty! Did cardio, abs, and then lifted! Need a shower asap! :)