Long terrible day. Tomorrow’s going to be longer and worse. A bank customer hit my car in our parking lot yesterday…so I’ve been filling out police reports all night. They took off after they hit my car, I ran out of the bank and chased them on foot yelling that they’d hit my car and to come back. They had me sprinting 3 blocks!!! He said he’d pay for it but gave me no info basically. But I have all his info on file at work…so I’m hoping he won’t try to dip me on this and run…I’m filing the police report to cover my bases just in case…he hit my car with a 30 ft flatbead trailer for Gods sake! I’m praying he’ll pay to fix my baby like he said :’( so upsetting.
Tomorrow I have a 10 hr day, a meeting before my 10 hr day, and an appt to get an estimate on my car’sdamage an hr before my meeting at 7am….it going to be a very long, very stressful day. Siggghhh, such bad luck lately, everything is going wrong. Hoping it takes a turn for the better soon. :( gotta hit the hay early to get some sleep hopefully.
Got a decent sweat in a late night workout tonight too. Squatted and lifted out my frustrations. Always helps even the tiniest bit.


Power Breakfast

Bjork Odinsdottir Double Grace by David Helbig Photo. Crossfit Games 2014

Sandra Radav



Chipotle Burrito Bowl

DIY tastes so much better.


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